They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.
- Tom Bodett (via observando)


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Whenever I’m in bed and I can hear the rain outside, it always makes me appreciate having a roof.

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I need you help, I took a break with my partner who turns out to be trans. I still loving him/her. But I am so confused my head is a total mess. I feel as if I was mourning somebody who isn't dead.


Very rarely do I completely go into “angry Steph jerk mode.” This is one of those rare instances. 

You my dear do not need my help, you need to wake up. You are being completely disrespectful, towards your partner and are beyond selfish for making your partner’s coming out process all about you. Coming out as trans is way more difficult than coming out as gay. They have higher bullying rates, suicide rates, they have medical needs to accommodate them that aren’t covered by insurance, and that is only half of it. 

I honestly think they (referring to your partner as him/her is totally disrespectful btw) are way better off without you if you are going to be so ignorant. How dare you say you are mourning for someone who didn’t die, but is being born? They’ve been the gender (or lack of gender) they are coming out as their entire life. This is a huge process for them, a huge wall they had the courage to take down, and you have the audacity to make this all about you and how you feel. 

If you and your partner are on the rocks because their gender identity doesn’t match your sexual preference you still should give them your respect and support, because that is a human right. Respect your ex partner, respect their pronouns, and open your eyes to realizing that this is not all about you. 

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